Billy Bongster Band

Billy Bongster has been an advocate for the legalization of weed for many years. He played for headliner Tommy Chong at Hemp Fest in Vandalia, MI in 1999. Since, he has been playing bars in the Tampa/Daytona, FL area. 

He now lives in the mountains of Colorado where he can grow his legal weed. Billy is currently playing bass for Sonrisa band based out of Pueblo, CO. He also uses backtracks for his solo act, which he does on the side. 

He has copyrighted over 60 songs and wants to continue to market and perform them for many years to come.

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3rd Annual Christmas 4 Kids

3rd Annual Christmas 4 Kids Toy Drive/Dance

Billy Bongster on Bass with Sonrisa Band



Sunset Bar & Grill, 2808 Thatcher Ave, Pueblo, Colorado



Classic Q's, 1715 S Prairie Avenue

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